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Adult puppy: Chapter 2

Buddy staring out window
After my son moved out of his old apartment he returned to find Buddy just staring out the window, sitting in the imprint of the area where the bed had been.

Travels with Buddy

After his all but strange adoption in Orlando, Buddy took a road trip across country with his new family – Florida to Arizona, OK one state short of across the country.

During the next year there were more changes for this little dog. His owners divorced and he stayed with my son. Then he was moved into an apartment where there were other dogs. As far as I know things went smoothly.

Another move to another apartment, which was fortunately in the same complex so at least some of the outside smells should have been familiar, marked yet another change in less than 18 months.

Then came the baby and a new family. Oh and a second dog was adopted.

The baby was the big change. No matter how much you trust your dog, or how well you think he is trained or behaves, they should be watched around babies and small children.

At first when the baby cried Buddy was right there checking to see if things were OK. It was cute. When she started to crawl things started changing. Buddy would growl at anyone including my daughter-in-law and the baby.

It was agreed that Buddy should come home with us. So to the confusion of Kodi, my husband and me, and of course Buddy himself, we left Arizona with one more dog than we had arrived with.

Kodi was about as welcoming as could be expected. He basically ignored Buddy on the trip back, when he wasn’t actually sitting on top of him or scrunching him against the door.

Looking out the window
Change is difficult for our pets to understand and for us to explain to them Family pets
Car riders
One moment when the boys were sitting nicely in the back seat on our cross-country trip

A stop in Georgetown, Texas to see our eldest son and his family, found us at a very understanding and helpful Best Western Plus http://bit.ly/2n0Qai2. I have had wonderful experiences staying at Best Western’s when we travel. The ones that allow pets have a very caring and animal-friendly staff in my opinion.

I received a call that one of the dogs might be in distress. The front desk man wasn’t upset, he just wanted me to know. I assured him that both dogs were in separate crates if someone wanted to enter the room, but I was near enough that we were on our way back.

When we returned all was quiet. We took the dogs out and Buddy did indeed really have to go out. After loving on them a few minutes and turning the TV on low we left. We never heard the sound until months later when Buddy started wailing at home. It’s unnerving and I am really not sure when he decides it is necessary.

Next: One more stop in Alabama and Buddy is introduced to his new home.

Travels with Kodi, Day 2 continued – Buc-ee’s

An hour southwest of Houston off US 59 is the town of Wharton, Texas the home of what has become a favorite stopping point for us — Buc-ee’s. There are many of Buc-ee’s throughout Texas and this one is “ours.”

I am at a loss to describe Buc-ee’s. The Wall Street Journal wrote a piece saying it was an oversized convenience store but that’s not accurate. Buc-ee’s  is a truck stop, but without the trucks. There are signs “no 18-wheelers please.” No dodging big rigs at the rows of gas pumps.

The residents of Wharton must shop there, how else can one explain the mulch bags for sale outside the entrance? I have never purchased mulch on vacation.

Automatic doors slide open and the rush of cool air sucks you in from the Texas heat. Here is where you must be careful as first timers will come to a halt as their brains process the site before them. You don’t want a “rear end” collision.

Two registers with smiling greeters are strategically placed beyond where the doors open leaving the entrance open. I don’t know if this was an intentional design but I noticed.

The first time I went into this Buc-ee’s I was looking for a restroom, a mission I nearly forgot as I took in the sites of a department store, deli, candy counter and more. The place is huge, but then again we are in Texas.

The restrooms alone are worth the stop. They are not an afterthought or a way to meet code requirements. They are incredible. I know, who goes on about bathrooms? These bathrooms have won “America’s Cleanest Bathroom” awards beating out posh hotels.

A hallway, decorated, not stacked or shelved with home decor products that are for sale, splits into a “T” – Men to the left, Women to the right.

Be prepared once again for sudden stopping.

My first reaction “I’ve taken a wrong turn, I am in the administration section or a dressing room.” Before me is a room the size of most convenience stores, a sparkling clean room, sinks off to the side with granite tops and glistening faucets. High ceilings and lots of light. Wooden doors line the walls, behind these are the toilets, no metal three-quarter walls between them, individual rooms. A bit of privacy. Restroom in the true definition.

There must be Buc-ee bathroom fairies that keep everything so clean but I never saw them. My one regret?  I didn’t take a picture!

We probably would have stayed longer but we are anxious to see our grandson (um, and his parents) so we say goodbye to Buc-ee the Beaver knowing full well we will stop on our way home.