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Cat in a hat

This sweet 10 year old would love a home to call her own. Her former owners were moving and could not take her with them. She has some small medical issues that are resolving but don’t let that distract from her awesome personality. She is very lad back and would just love a lap to sit on. Come and meet this sweetie today!


Please don’t feed your cat these 10 things

In an effort to feed your cat a diet that you find more exciting, you coud actually harm your feline friend.cat 6

It’s tough to say no, but there are foods you kitty should never be allowed to eat.  Just as you shouldn’t be eating cat food, they shouldn’t be eating human food.

You might be tempted to substitute human food, like tuna fish, when you realize you forgot to pick up more of your cat’s cuisine at the store. Instead, put a coat over your pjs and go to the store, or call a neighbor and borrow a cup of kitty kibble.

These are not the only items that are harmful to your cat. Please, before you feed, research online.

Here are 10 items that should never find their way into you cat’s dinner dish:

  1. Tuna fish- a small bite isn’t probably going to hurt your cat, but don’t replace their regular meal with the same amout of tuna fish. A steady dose of tuna can actually result in malnutrition because it doesn’t offer enough nutrition.
  2. Fruit – especially those with pits and seeds, like apricots, cherry, and apples.
  3. Avocado – Depending on who you ask, avacados are either really healthy, or toxic for you cat. Small dose might be OK, before I feed my Samantha avacado I am going to check with her veterinarian.
  4. Chocolate
  5. Coffee or tea – If your cat is prone to taking a lap or two out of your drinks, don’t leave coffee unattended
  6. Alcohol – Not funny, definitely unhealthy
  7. Cow milk / cream – Oh sure, the cute picture has always been a cat lapping up a bowl of cream, but did you know that most cats are lactose intolerant? This results in upset tummies and diaharea.
  8. Macadamia nuts
  9. Liver – Small amounts of liver probably won’t hurt your cat, but eating too much can result in a vitamin A toxicity. This is a serious condition that can affect your cat’s bones.
  10. Onion in all forms can break down a cat’s red blood cells and lead to anemia.

When should you see a vet?

If you suspect your cat ate something he shouldn’t have, try to determine how much she ate.

Call your veterinarian’s office, they know your pet, his meds, and whether there is going to be a problem that needs to be addressed.

If your veterinarian is unavailable or unequipped to handle the situation, call the nearest animal hospital or the Pet Poison Helpline at 1-855-213-6680. This is especially important if your cat is displaying symptoms such as muscle tremors or repeated vomiting.





King of the tumblefur
King of the tumblefur

IMG_8773 IMG_1490

Above is my team of fur and feather providers.  

Kodi the corgi, Rosie the Gray, and Samantha the cat.

  • This week my news paper column calls these three out on their “sharing” of feathers and fur.


Pets — The best medicine

Sometimes we all want to crawl into bed and hide.
Sometimes we all want to crawl into bed and hide.

Your day has been stressful. The person in front of you at the grocery store had a cart-full of items in the 10 items or less line; you were behind a car doing 10 miles under the speed limit while a monster truck was on your bumper trying to do 10 miles over the speed limit. You are at your wits end until you step in the house and are greeted by the one individual always happy to see you – your dog – and everything immediately gets a little better.

The best medicine for stress and high blood pressure are our pets. I mention dogs, because they are the ones usually anxiously waiting for us, but cats, birds and even fish can provide therapeutic care just by being part of our lives.

Medical studies back this up and many assisted living homes, hospice and hospitals are shedding (pardon the pun) the notion that pets are too dirty. The emotional benefits far outweigh a little hair on the carpet.

Lonely? New in town? Walk your dog through a park. People are more likely to greet those with dogs and even stop to chat. Pets are conversation starters and probably a better way to get a date than other methods. Plus, regular walks are good for your overall health.

Walks, good for both of you.
Walks, good for both of you.

When the children have grown and moved on to their own lives it’s the pets that stay with us and keep us company. People are just as likely to have photos of their pets on their cell phones as they do the grandchildren.

For many years the medical community felt that homes with pets would increase the chance of family members having allergies. This thinking has shifted and studies are beginning to show that children who grown up with animals have a reduced risk of allergies and asthma.

Pets are a personal preference. Well-meaning friends and relative may want to give you a pet. While that’s thoughtful, it is important to find the pet that is right for you, whether it curls up in your lap, walks with you, talks or sings to you, or swims gracefully in a tank.

Even on the rainiest of days a pet can raise your spirits.
Even on the rainiest of days a pet can raise your spirits.

Pets are a serious commitment. The benefits are great but they do require care. Perhaps you are not sure if you are a pet person, or what type of pet would best suit your lifestyle. A great way to try out pet ownership is to offer to pet sit for a friend. In most cases I bet it will have you looking for a new roommate who will love you in good times and bad and make you feel better.

Samantha the cat and traveling

There are those cats who don’t mind traveling. Our Samantha is not one of them. Thankfully we have someone who welcomes our non traveling animals, Samantha and our African gray, Rosie.


The perfect trip for Samantha is no trip at all. Even the half hour drive to her “hotel” consists of nonstop meow, every two seconds, sounding more like, “no,no, no, no…..”

She, like Kodi, has a wire crate. Hers is much smaller and is only used for transport. The interior is padded with a faux lamb fabric. Prior to leaving I set the crate up in the house leaving the door open. It is not uncommon to find her curled up inside. Once we arrive at her destination the crate is placed out of the way, but again with the door open. A temporary bedroom from home for her to retreat to if she desires.

So Samantha and her luggage were packed up, food and water dishes, litter and litter box, food, treats, a couple of items I have knitted and she laid claim to as hers, and two very well-worn scratching posts.

She likes the corrugated scratchers that lay flat on the floor. They have a stability the free-standing styles do not offer. One has a curve to it, that one she likes to curl up on, and the other is a simple rectangle.  New ones were not purchased so she had items with familiar scents. Traveling is not the time to buy all new items for your pet. They need the security of well-worn and loved items with scents of home.


Samantha at homeShe was fine while we were gone. Took charge, slept where she wanted, and may have converted her caretaker into becoming a cat owner.