• For nearly two decades I wrote pet columns for various newspapers and magazines. The one thing I missed after leaving my job was writing my weekly column. Why it has taken me this long to realize that I can still write and have readers is a mystery, but at least I am here now.
  • After being the Volunteer Manager at a local humane society I have returned to writing for newspapers having accepting a staff position at a weekly paper. This allows me the time for my writing career and to maintain this blog as I have always wanted.
  • The time spent as a Volunteer Manager provided me the opportunity to expand my contacts in the animal care world and gives me a wonderful bank of knowledge to consult.
  • Kodi the red and white Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Samantha the cat and Rosie the African Grey parrot allow me to live with them. Each is a humane society graduate and nicely settled in their forever home.
  • I live on the east coast of Florida but could happily be a vagabond as long as my critters and my husband were with me.

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