Transforming a homeless dog into an adopted dog


This week my newspaper column was about volunteers at one of our local humane societies who use their skills to make the most wonderful transformation by turning a neglected dog into a pet that is loved again.

I was so moved by the photos I had to share.

The photo above is what “Charlie” looked like when he was brought into the humane society. Look at him now! And I am happy to say – adopted.

charlie after

So many dogs come into shelters across the country looking like this, matted, dirty, covered in fleas and ticks. The matting can also cause medical issues if the skin beneath gets pulled to the point of separating the skin and becoming infected.

If you can volunteer even a couple of hours a week or a month to groom — or even give these dogs a bath — what a difference you will make. Just ask Reno. Also adopted now I am happy to say!



reno before

And After!

Reno after



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