Hide and seek, kitty cat style, or 5 reasons you can’t find your cat


Five reasons your cat may hide from you:

I walked into the bedroom yesterday to find our cat Samantha rolled up in a section of an afghan that was cascading from the mattress onto the floor. I wasn’t concerned. She looked quite comfortable, and to be honest, I experienced a smidge of envy.

It’s chilly and she looked quite snug. So I grabbed the camera off my desk, snapped her photo, and left her to her retreat.

There are times our cats, and even the dogs, may want to curl up somewhere away from the action. Don’t we all?robby-legs

Robby, our daughter’s cat, needs to work on his “hiding” skills. We were house guests which took time for him to adjust to.

Just think the word “vet” and your cat will escape to another dimension of your home you didn’t know existed. We have all searched for the feline veterinary patient convinced we will have to cancel the appointment because, “I can’t find the cat in my one-bedroom apartment.”

If your cat hides on a regular basis there may be cause for concern.

5 reasons your cat might hide:

  1. Car ride – cats that don’t like car rides, i.e. vet trips
  2. Medical issues – Behavior changes are often the first indication you might need to call the vet.
  3. Pain – Several causes of pain. A broken nail, a reaction to a small child pulling their tail, or dietary and intestinal pain. Again, time for the vet.
  4. Fear – New visitors in the house, especially if the cat is not accustomed to children. Activity around the house or even your neighbor’s house. Workmen for example.
  5. Stress – Adding a new pet, having house guests, even changing furniture, can cause stress in felines. Keeping their possessions like the litter box, food bowls and toys in the same place may help alleviate some of this.

samantha-windowWindow sills are one of Samantha’s favorite spots.



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