Month: January 2017

A community comes together to save a 6-month-old dog


There’s a happy ending.

So many criticize their local animal control officers and humane societies. These folks have the jobs that you have to have a passion for because the thanks are few.

I always encourage people to get the facts. Too often we read something online, or even in the newspaper or on the TV news, and we take it as truth without really knowing.  I’ve interviewed people who tell me about awful conditions and treatment, only to find they have never been to the shelter or rescue — “they’ve heard.”

This is a story of teamwork

One animal control officer I know responded to a call about a stray dog running through town.

What he found will break your heart. What happened next will reaffirm your faith in people.

Abby, as she has been dubbed, was starving to death. Every single rib bone and hip bone, pressed through her white coat. She was eating every day but she was starving. She was eating garbage, literally. Chicken bones, and rocks, and a corn cob (lodged like a cork in her intestine) had been her diet.

Abby was taken to Flagler Humane Society in Flagler County, Florida. She was close to death according to Director Amy Carotenuto.

They took Abby to a veterinary hospital that provides x-rays to the shelter. Abby was soon in surgery.

Shelter staff and volunteers put out a plea for funds on Facebook and $750 was quickly raised for the operation. The surgery was more than $2,000, but the vet waived the balance.

I hope all of the people who donated money have seen what a difference they made in one 6-month-old dog’s life.

I want you to see Abby now, less than two weeks after she was rescued. Just scroll to the end – a smile awaits.

Abby’s angels:

  • The animal control officer Keith
  • Amy Carotenuto and the staff at Flagler Humane Society
  • Dr. Andrea James – the FHS veterinarian
  • Dr. Kelly Long – veterinarian at Tomoka Pines Veterinary Hospital/Ormond Beach (and his staff)
  • Donors who paid for Abby’s surgery



Cold depends on where you live

It’s chilly in Florida. The temperature is dropping into the low 40s at night, and as I write this at 2:25 in the afternoon, the thermometer reads 45 degrees. That can’t be right?

A photo text of a snowy backyard from my sister in Virginia shuts me up.

For Buddy, the shorty Jack, time in the back yard is best spent soaking up the sun.buddy

We’re back! My pets saw me through some tough times

After a brief absence, I have decided to restart my blog. In short — I have missed it.

With Hurricane Matthew and deaths in the family; 2016 didn’t end as well as I had hoped. But you know what? I had my pets and they watched out for me and saw me through everything.

In the next couple of posts I will do a rerun of the last three months of 2016 and share what I have learned. I know we all go through these times and it’s important because not everyone is lucky (or smart enough) to appreciate how really important our animals are to us.

My newspaper column is probably being cut from the paper to make space for other news.  I decided to do the next best thing — restart this blog and make it bigger and better for you.

There will be more interaction. I want you to submit photos of your pets and your tales of success and heartache.

We will review new items with direct feedback from you – the pet consumer!!

Contests too!

I also have a PetChat Facebook page:

Here’s to a petfull 2017!!