Beach Buddy

Buddy the shorty Jack was interested in taking a walk on the beach, unlike Kodi the Corgi who is quite firm about not getting anywhere near water.

Buddy Beach

Sadly Buddy couldn’t enjoy sand between his pads since our beach in Vousia County doesn’t allow pets on the beach. Why? because most of our residents and visitors are not responsible. So sad. It works well in other areas of the state and country, including Flagler Beach just to the north of us, and parts of St. Augustine Beach, north of Flagler.

Buddy 3

Check back for a list of dog friendly beaches in Florida.

Pet DIsh


One comment

  1. We have a lot of walking trails in my area that aren’t pet friendly because of irresponsible pet owners. If you are going to take your pet out in public, be considerate enough to clean up after it! (This is probably preaching to the choir as irresponsible pet owners probably aren’t trolling blogs about dogs. LOL)

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