Month: March 2016

Where oh where has my little dog gone?

A Dog running down the street doesn’t mean he isn’t loved

Many years ago a bride in her 20s stood at the front door saying goodbye to her mother. She knew Buttons the Fox Terrier was behind her and she wanted to close the door. But mother had more to say and kept a firm grip on the open door.

Then the inevitable happened. Buttons darted into the night.

“He’ll come back,” my mom said.

But he didn’t – not for several daysPets_Lost

(When our oldest son came along he had a dog to love thanks to caring women)

My husband and I searched for Buttons. I took the next day off from work, searched, called his vet, other vets, visited and called the local humane society and animal control.

He was an escape artist and too smart for his own good. Usually when he got out he would go a few blocks and then wait on a corner for me to come and pick him up. Once, while visiting relatives in Iowa farm country he watched as people came in and out of the front door and upon figuring out the mechanics, dashed to the door, leapt up, hit the door lever and took off.

But this time he wasn’t so easy to find. I was frantic. I went back to work, still calling the humane society a couple of times a day. There were no microchips but he had tags and the inside of his leg was tattooed.

Finally the call came from a local veterinarian who had called the humane society. Apparently the vet’s receptionist only read the first few numbers from the tag when the person at the humane society said, “Please tell us you’ve found Mrs. Estes’ dog.”’  Yes, I had been a regular caller.

Two ladies took my dog to the vet. He had been attacked by some pack dogs that had killed other dogs in the neighborhood. He was in bad shape. They shouldn’t have picked up such an injured dog. They could have been hurt. The vet told them this. He also told them they had saved my pup’s life.

I tell this story because there are many of you who are just as wonderful as these women. You don’t think twice about helping an animal that is lost or in distress.  What you do next is what is important.  While not all dogs and cats are being looked for by their owners, there are many that are. I can tell you first-hand these owners will be forever grateful to you.

There’s a lot of confusion as to what shelters do with lost animals. I cringe when I hear someone say, “Don’t take it to the shelter they will kill it.” This is not true. They want to find the animal’s owner if possible and if not, find him a new home. Shelters are a first stop for anyone who has lost a dog, but if they don’ t  know  you’ve found the animal they can’t help.

Do you and your pet have the ‘perfect partnership’? Pet health experts Bayer launch nationwide search to celebrate the inseparable human-animal bond


The following is from a press release

A nationwide search to find the UK’s most perfect pet-owner partnership launched in March is aimed at celebrating the inseparable bond between humans and their four-legged friends. The search is supported by a study that shows 76 % of owners treat their pets like extended members of the family.

Supporting the competition is TV presenter and Strictly Come Dancing contestant Mark Wright, who owns three dogs – a Chihuahua, Dachshund and Pomeranian – with his wife Michelle.

My pets are my absolute best friends (behind Michele of course). I’m always greeted by them as I come home and there is no better feeling!

The competition highlights the importance of regular parasite protection to help keep pets happy and healthy and supports the national launch of the Drontal and Advantage Inseparables TV campaign.

Also supporting the campaign is everyone’s favourite dog and owner partnership, Britain’s Got Talent winners Ashleigh and Pudsey, who will also be performing an exclusive routine at Crufts. Their inseparable bond led them to winning the highly coveted Britain’s Got Talent crown and their relationship only goes to show the importance of keeping your pet happy and healthy. The Inseparables campaign brings together two parasite protection products to showcase the inseparable bond between pet and owner, and establish worm and flea prevention as an important ‘partnership regime.

To enter, pet owners need to visit the Drontal and Advantage website to upload their snaps before the closing date of 10th June 2016. Judges from Your Cat and Your Dog magazines will choose the overall winner, whilst 10 runners-up will also be selected based on a leaderboard system where points are awarded every time they interact with the competition. These winners will receive goody bags packed with dog and cat accessories, treats and toys.

Vicky McAlister, senior product manager at Bayer Animal Health, comments: “The Inseparables competition is a fantastic opportunity for pet owners to showcase the incredible relationships they have with their pets and be in with a chance of winning some great prizes. The competition is inspired by the partnerships of families and their pets and it is these relationships that can be protected by our own great partnership of Drontal and Advantage, to help keep Britain’s pets free of fleas and intestinal worms.”

Pet owners can enter the “Inseparables” competition by uploading a photo that best demonstrates the relationship they have with their pets. The “Inseparables” campaign will also run across TV, social media including Facebook and Twitter and all uploads will be viewable on a gallery on the Drontal and Advantage website. Join us on Facebook and Twitter and get a sneak peek at the new TV commercial! @InseparablesDA

The following is not an endorsement. All pet care should be under the supervision of your veterinarian.

For more than 20 years, Drontal has been a leading and trusted animal health worming brand that kills every type of intestinal worm commonly found in UK cats and dogs. Advantage is a fast and effective spot-on treatment for fleas.

To help keep pets at their best, owners should worm them at least every three months and apply flea treatment every month. To find out more information about Drontal and Advantage, please visit the website