Ways to make your hotel love you — and your dog

Traveling with dogs has become easier in recent years. Many, many years ago we stayed in a hotel in North Carolina, no mention of our wire haired terrier, we were only staying the night, we were exhausted, and no one would take us in.

We had a crate where Buttons would stay the night, we would be with him the whole time, and there was a discreet place to walk him.  As we were settling in my husband read the information on the back of the door. You know that white piece of paper some hotels post that no one reads. Well he read it, and apparently in North Carolina at that time, it was against the law to have a dog in a bedroom, or even to pass through the bedroom, with a dog, like on the way to the bathroom where we put his crate.

I do not recommend sneaking a dog into a hotel. As I recall we did not sleep well, and it just isn’t necesary any more. All La Quinta’s allow pets at no extra charge, and many Best Westerns welcome pets, though they charge usually about $10 a night. Best Western has the better breakfast, sorry La Quinta, so it’s worth it to us.

These two seem to be confused, but you get the idea. This was taken right after we arrived, so Kodi’s crate hadn’t been set up with blankets. Notice how I placed the crate in the far corner of the room next to the sliding door. We were on the 2nd floor. This was the Marina Best Western in Corpus Christi, Texas. Excellent place to stay with pets.
  1. Walk your dog into lobby and  introduce him, especially if you are staying a few days, and will be leaving him alone in the room. Of course the staff likes dogs, their hotels encourage pet owners to stay. In my experience, most of them remember Kodi’s name.
  2. Let the housekeeping staff know that your dog is in a crate. This helps them when they want access to your room. I don’t know about your dogs, but mine are going to bark if you knock on the door (which they do).
  3. Some hotels do have size and breed restrictions – ask when you make the reservation. We have stayed at a LaQuinta in Daphne, Alabama several times and I have seen all breeds and sizes. So I am guessing this chain doesn’t have restrictions. Best Westerns vary, some — like the one in Daphne, do not allow pets – which is why we ended up at the LaQuinta across the street. It’s up to each individual Best Western.
  4. These two are not the only pet friendly places to stay. Choice, Marriott, Holiday Inns, Extended Day, and others often offer this option. http://www.BringFido.com is a good site to check on accomodations in the U.S. and Canada.
  5. Keep your dog on a leash at all times. Even if you have the best behaved dog on the planet, follow this advice. There are too many unknowns while traveling, including other dogs, and your well behaved dog may bolt.
  6.  Clean up after you dog. You know those security cameras at the front desk? They can see you and your pup. They probably aren’t going to say anything, but they are going to be far more attentive if they see you being responsible.
  7. Don’t leave your pup all day. Try to arrange activities so that you can pop in every couple of hours and let him out.
  8. Leave the t.v. on low. Kodi likes kid shows. It’s basically company for him and helps to buffer outside noice.
  9. Leave them a safe toy and make their crate as comfy as possible with blankets from home that have familiar smells. It’s a good idea to remove their collar when they are in the crate, and you are out of the room. This eliminates the chance off them getting it caught on the crate.
  10. Set their crate up in an area away from the door and hallway traffic. This will help reduce the barkig. Placing a second blanket or towel, (yours, not the hotels) over the top of the crate so it covers two sides can offer comfort in a strange place.

So there are some of my tried and true tips. More to follow.

Next installment: What is it about corgis?


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