5 reasons you should vacation with your dog

When we travel, Kodi (and now Buddy) go with us. The only exception is if we have to fly, very rarely, and then they have to be left at home.

Over the Christmas and New Year holiday we drove cross county to Arizona, back to Texas and home. Getting to see family along the way. Our pups are part of that family. And we were not the only ones on the road with our pooches.

Here are my top 5 reasons it’s good to travel with your dog:

  1. It’s good for your circulatory system. If you tell your doctor you are driving long distances she will probably tell you to stop often. But you’re trying to make time, so you pass the rest areas. But with a dog you stop every couple of hours and when he stretches his legs, you stretch yours. This is good for your circulation, not to mention your mood.
  2. More hotels are welcoming dogs and it is less expensive than boarding. The most I paid was $20 on one night. Most were $10 per night, and if you are staying multiple nights you may be able to make a deal. The hotel charges because their housekeeping staff has to clean a little longer in a room that has had a pet, before the next occupant (and wouldn’t you want them to?), but if you are there several nights they aren’t going to do that every day so you may be able to get a discount. Can’t hurt to ask.
  3. You save money on meals on the road. Since your pup can’t go into restaurants, and you are not going to leave them in the car no matter how low the temperature is, you will pack a picnic. This is much nicer than sitting in a restaurant, and it saves time.
  4. Nice to come home to. After a day visiting family, or sightseeing, coming back to your pup waiting for you in the hotel is a slice of home. Don’t forget to have a nice crate for him to stay in.
  5. Tired drivers tend to smile at you, and you them, and that’s good for your health. Kodi received a lot of attention, I find corgi’s often do, had his photo taken multiple times by other travelers, and even if nothing was said; smiles were exchanged.So there are my five top reasons. Tomorrow I will give you tried and true tips to make your pup a favorite with the hotel staff.

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  1. Sounds good to me. I haven’t taken my Tippy further than a couple of hours from home and never to spend the night, but that is a goal of mine. Will follow your blog and look forward to more tips.


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