A journalist corgi Christmas

This week deadlines are looming, so Kodi the corgi will try his paw at column writing.

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Pet Dish_Kodi 2

Has your family been behaving oddly the past few weeks?

Mine has; case in point, I’m writing a column.

The cat and I seem to be getting more attention, basically in the repetition of the word – “no.”

A tree came into the house. I’m a boy dog, trees are for…..”no.” Samantha, the cat climbs and jumps, I do envy her for that ability. She climbs up the tree…. “no.”

Boxes of balls come out of boxes. They don’t bounce, they aren’t for playing. There’s a dog bone hung high out of my reach. The cat would get it for me, but she’s not allowed to climb the tree.

People are in the house. People of all sizes. Some I know, and I’m happy to see. Those smaller ones seem fascinated with my nose and ears, and Samantha’s tail. Samantha says “no,” in a sound that doesn’t sound really nice. I politely refuse the attention. Once again my human’s say “Kodi, no.”

Someone has arrived with another dog. I don’t think I like this. Is he going to live here now? He’s in my food bowl and playing with my toys. The people don’t drink out of the same bowl, and while they show each other their toys, like the one that plays music and they talk to, but they don’t have to share.

I vaguely remember all of this happening before, and there’s only one solution – I shimmy under the bed where I find Samantha already curled up. It’s the one time of year we agree – this is our house and we want it back.

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


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