No Boo Boos on Halloween


For some areas of the country Halloween is still a night for children to get dressed up and go door-to-door Trick or Treating. That’s how it was when we were kids, and it was fun. Today there are also organized events at churches and “Trunk or Treat,” also fun.

This fun does not extend to our animals. Take a moment and try to get their perspective — even if you have to get down on the ground. Have your child, all dressed up as a vampire, ghost or even Strawberry Shortcake, and have them walk to you with their bag, saying “Trick or Treat.”

A little different right? This is what your cat and dog sees, and while some can go with the flow, others will be stressed out.

Kodi counts on me to keep him safe. I bet your dog counts on you too.
Kodi counts on me to keep him safe. I bet your dog counts on you too.

The best way to keep your pet stress-free on Oct. 31 is to find a quiet place for them, away from the front door. Disconnect the doorbell for the night, you’re going to be watching the door, and put on some soft music for them, maybe a new chew toy and fluff up their bed or the bedding in their crate.

I have leashed Kodi the Corgi and answered the door in the past and this prevents him from darting out but I had to watch for little hands darting in. Most kids like dogs and want to pet dogs. Corgies “smile” looks inviting.

The parents are usually standing behind their kids on the sidewalk, they are trusting me for those few moments the kids are at my door, to look after them and keep them safe. At least that’s how I look at it. I certainly don’t want a child bitten or think a nip is a bite and be scared, so Kodi stays in the bedroom now. This is tough because we dont’ get that many kids in our neighborhood, maybe a dozen on a good year –  but they are spread out, so Kodi has to stay in the room a while.

Kodi doesn’t like costumes. When he was younger the kids would dress him and he was not happy. Today he wears his birthday suit and his smile.

If your dog wears a costume it is important to make sure it fits well, doesn’t bunch up around any part of his body, gives him full vision and  hearing and allows him to breathe. Do not leave the outfit on unless you are watching him. Taking off your own costume with paws isn’t easy and your pup is more likely to harm himself.

Everyone know that chocolate is not good for dogs, but did you know that other Halloween candy contains xylitol, a sugar alchohol used as a sweetener in candy.

According to – Xylitol can be toxic to dogs, even in relatively small amounts. If your dog eats a product that contains xylitol (sugarless gum included), it is important to take the dog to a veterinarian immediately.

 So have fun this Halloween and stay safe!!


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