Pumpkin update

pumpkin 2

After my last entry I texted my friend mentioned in the post. Her cat is older and has had difficulty with fur balls and digestion and kidney issues. My text was to tell her about my pumpkin research.

A short while later she texts back, she had stopped at PetSmart and what does she fine? Pumpkin enhanced cat food!

As I also stated in my last entry, my cat Samantha is not typically a fussy eater, with one exception — pumpkin. At least the kind that comes out of the can. I put a teaspoon of pumpkin in her bowl on two occassions, once mixed in her dry food and once in a bowl of it’s own — she was not interested.

However, she does like the commercial pouch style.My friend was kind enough to give her a pouch.

Pumpkin 1

Since I give her this food as a supplement and not her main diet, these pouches last me a few days. I use a small chip clip to seal them and store them in the refrigerator.

Samantha eats dry food and she doesn’t like her food “touching” so a a separate ceramic dish is used for her wet food.

Pets have their food preferences just as we do, it’s our job to discover these healthy foods to provide them a balanced diet. Now I am off to PetSmart to get a few more pouches while they are still on sale!

pumpkin 3


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