Tuesday is Kodi’s favorite day

Kodi knows when it is Tuesday. Don’t ask me how because I don’t know, but I do know why. Tuesday is the day Lee comes to clean our pool.

Kodi by pool

More supervising than  heeling in this photo. Kodi is a big fan of pool cleaning day.

My husband and I actually try our best to not have writing assignments on Tuesday morning that will take us away from the house. Because if we aren’t here, Kodi can’t have his weekly social event.

The first time I was home on pool cleaning morning I witnessed Kodi in step with Lee as he walked around the pool.

Several things fascinated me about this. To begin with Kodi does not like the pool, does not intentionally go into the pool and doesn’t like anyone else in the pool. He also doesn’t heel. But there he was, Westminster perfect.

As Lee knelt down to check a water jet Kodi’s muzzle darted into his pocket. A pocket I learned held the treats. Kodi is a food motivated dog.

If we aren’t able to be home three treats will be lined up outside the door just waiting for Kodi to take when we return. Apparently there’s a system these two have worked out, one treat on the way in, one while he cleans the filter and a third when he leaves. However, I suspect if Kodi is out there to supervise the pool cleaning more than three treats are involved.


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