The mystery of Samantha and my clothes

I love you and when you're not here your clothes have to do.
I love you and when you’re not here your clothes have to do

It really doesn’t matter what clothes, and they don’t have to be particularly soiled, Samantha our (my?) cat nestles into them and rolls around. All I have to do is take off my jammies or nightgown, leave it on the bed and when I come out of my morning shower there she is.

The same is true if I am just changing clothes after work.

She rolls herself up in the clothes, rubbing her head much the same way she rubs against me.

Rolling around in worn clothes transfer scents between cat and owner

No scientific reason, but I believe it’s her way of connecting with me. She is rubbing my scent on her or maybe her scent on my clothes. Marking me as hers in case any other cats have ideas?

Cats have two basic interactions, distance reducing and distance increasing. A cat that hisses, hides and doesn’t like to be cuddled is distance increasing. They are independent cats. Samantha is definitely a distance reducing cat. She initiates contact, jumps up in our laps and curls up next to me when Kodi allows.

At night she often curls up on the bed above my pillow and paws my head.

Samantha 1

If your cat has separation anxiety leaving some of your clothes out may help to relieve its stress. This is also true if you need to travel and take your cat to stay somewhere else.

Cats are scent oriented and want to be close to you — enjoy!


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