Who’s sleeping in my bed?

When Kodi first came to live with us I wrote an article about how dogs had never been allowed to sleep in bed. The last line of the article was “Not only is he sleeping in the bed, he’s on my side.”

I haven’t really minded the little Corgi fluff butt pressing up against the small of my back at night. In fact it is rather comforting. He is now expected to sleep on the bed (thankfully we have a King size) and the frame has recently been removed so his jump to the floor isn’t as far.

Last night I couldn’t sleep. You may have experienced these bouts of insomnia. Thoughts rattle around your head and push you out of bed. For me it’s a time to get up, make the “to do” list for the next day (that really does seem to get these nagging thoughts out of my head) and maybe do a little writing.

After being up for about an hour, I return to bed, press the button on my cell phone and what does the screen glow fall upon? Kodi, stretched out across an impressive amount of the bed.

So my question to readers this morning is, “What do you do when you find your pet oh so comfortable in your spot?”

1. Crawl over him trying not to disturb him in an attempt to carve out a small section to sleep;

2. Gently try to move him to another section of the bed;

3. Wake him and scoot him off the bed;

4. Sleep on the couch.

Just so you know, I chose the first option.


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