Trip Home

Kodi bed close

Kodi – back in his “own” bed

Packing up and saying “good-bye”

Time for the two-day return trip. The back seat is “slip-covered” with a fitted sheet, his pillow is in place in hopes of encouraging naps, crate and luggage packed. We say good-bye to the staff at checkout and we are off.

One more stop at Buc-ee’s

We stopped in Wharton. Our son got a new job in another part of the state so I doubt we will be this way again.

I look for items to take home to friends. If you can’t find something to take home here you can just give up because you aren’t going to find anything.

While I have been in the store Mark has been exercising Kodi in an expansive grassy area designated for doggies. You know this because there is a doggie “poop” station with bags available.

I ask the cashier if I may leave my basket of items on the counter for my husband to pay for after he shops, explaining he’s outside with the dog. “Of course.”

Mark goes in and Kodi and I do some more walking, have some water and treats, greet people and more people, pretty much everyone in that part of Texas and Mark is still inside. This is a man who has perfected the 60-second rest stop.

We walk past the sliding doors so they slide open and we can get a look inside hoping to catch a glimpse of our driver. My shopping basket is on the counter, hmm. Just as I am wondering if he is ok and trying to decide how I will be able to check on him with pup in tow I see him, red Buc-ee’s T-shirt in one hand as he searches the gourmet jerky. Like a child at the beach he is not looking toward the door. He doesn’t want to make eye contact and be told it’s time to go.

Just as Kodi and I have confirmed one more time, that “yes he is like the Queen’s dogs,” Mark emerges from the store laughing. At the checkout he picked up my basket to pay and was asked, “Are you traveling with a Corgi?” Asking if that were the password the cashier explained he had seen us walking outside. Friendly, helpful and observant can’t beat that.

The Back Seat Driver

Dogs are funny. When Mark is driving Kodi is on full alert. He tries to wiggle his way into my lap and watches Mark. He has always done this. When I get behind the wheel he curls up and relaxes more.

Last night 

The trip home is long, lots of traffic but we make it to Daphne, Alabama for our first stop. La Quinta has a lovely hotel here and we have stayed before. We are on a travel kind of schedule now. We settle in and while Mark goes to Cracker Barrel across the street to pick up our carry-out order I feed Kodi. Tomorrow night we will be back home and back to our routine. We are all ready.

We chill out, loving up Kodi and preparing ourselves for the final lap of the trip. Florida is a very long states and I-10 is a tedious stretch of highway. Much like children playing the old license plate game we will play “Spot the cop.” We don’t speed but on this trip home we have seen dozens of officers in each state demonstrating their radar detection techniques.

Home sweet home, our own beds. We pick up Samantha and Rosie and enjoy our quiet reunion.


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