Samantha the cat and traveling

There are those cats who don’t mind traveling. Our Samantha is not one of them. Thankfully we have someone who welcomes our non traveling animals, Samantha and our African gray, Rosie.


The perfect trip for Samantha is no trip at all. Even the half hour drive to her “hotel” consists of nonstop meow, every two seconds, sounding more like, “no,no, no, no…..”

She, like Kodi, has a wire crate. Hers is much smaller and is only used for transport. The interior is padded with a faux lamb fabric. Prior to leaving I set the crate up in the house leaving the door open. It is not uncommon to find her curled up inside. Once we arrive at her destination the crate is placed out of the way, but again with the door open. A temporary bedroom from home for her to retreat to if she desires.

So Samantha and her luggage were packed up, food and water dishes, litter and litter box, food, treats, a couple of items I have knitted and she laid claim to as hers, and two very well-worn scratching posts.

She likes the corrugated scratchers that lay flat on the floor. They have a stability the free-standing styles do not offer. One has a curve to it, that one she likes to curl up on, and the other is a simple rectangle.  New ones were not purchased so she had items with familiar scents. Traveling is not the time to buy all new items for your pet. They need the security of well-worn and loved items with scents of home.


Samantha at homeShe was fine while we were gone. Took charge, slept where she wanted, and may have converted her caretaker into becoming a cat owner.


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