Daytona Beach to Corpus Christi – Day 2

After additional walks to sniff, explore and relieve, we settled down for the night. Traveling is hard on everyone. This is an odd  event for Kodi. There is no way to explain why we are spending all day in the car and sleeping in places that are not our home.

Except any place we are together is home so all is good.

Kodi selfie

Day 2:

We have overslept but not stressing. Keeping our stress levels down definitely rubs off on Kodi. We are on no schedule, just anxious to be at our final destination.

Kodi gets his breakfast as we head down to our own breakfast provided by LaQuinta. I have packed the food and water bowls he uses at home. He has enough unexplained changes so having simple things like his bowls, favorite treats and a couple favorite toys does help.

The car is repacked and we are on the road. This means someone has to relearn that he sits in the back seat.

When we stop at rest areas I make sure he gets a brisk walk. I have found that I too benefit from this. Before traveling with Kodi we would jump out of the car, use the facilities, jump back in the car and drive. I like this way much better. It stretches my legs, gives me a work out and makes sitting in the car easier. I also give him a little water in his bowl using water we have brought with us. Water is different from place to place and I want to keep his digestive system as regular and calm as possible.

We cross from Louisiana into The Republic of Texas and we are welcomed in so many entertaining ways.

We have stretched a few miles back so Kodi and I wait in the car while my husband gets maps, a mandatory “Don’t Mess With Texas” litter bag (ok that is clever) and a travel magazine.

Kodi has joined me in the front seat to watch an impromptu parking lot parade. Most every man is wearing a Stetson. Did they have these in the trunks of their cars or are they available inside the Welcome Center? Cowboy boots  are also the footwear of choice for all.

A tour bus provides the most entertainment as people re-board the bus, each with their litter bag and interestingly enough — road maps. They have a bus driver but we can see a fair number of people studying open maps as though they will be responsible for navigating the route.

Up and down the bus aisle one woman practices line dancing. Dressed in a white outfit with tassels, she side steps to the left and then to the right, “shoots” with her fingers and twirls. Another woman smiles out the window at this performance. At least that’s what I think. She is the only one who has not dressed for Texas. Maybe she’s on the wrong bus.

Kodi  and I are mesmerized and watch as this animated group of travelers take their seats to continue their journey. Our driver (my husband Mark) returns, Kodi is relegated to the back seat and we are off again.

Next Stop – Buc- ees in Wharton, Texas.


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