Travels with Kodi the Corgi

Travel journal – Daytona Beach, Florida to Corpus Christi, Texas

Our family trips always include Kodi, our 8-year old, Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
Most recently our travels took us to Corpus Christi Texas to visit family, a two day trip by car.

If left to his own devices Kodi would ride up front, preferably in my lap and by the end of the day that is usually exactly where he is even though he cannot be considered a lap dog.

Another important reason to keep him as contained as possible and out of the front seat is for his safety so much of the trip is spent gently pushing him onto the back seat. Eventually he does settle down.

Seat belts? Yep, we’ve had them and when he was younger they worked fine but his last one he chewed through before we were off the acceleration ramp.

Taking the time to acclimate your dog to the car with short trips around town before your trip may help. These trips should NEVER include any stops where he has to be left alone in the car. Not even for “a minute.”

Sulpher, LA

Day 1

5:30 am We back the car out of the garage and head north. The car was packed last night, the first thing in the trunk? Kodi’s 3 by 2 foot wire crate. A fitted sheet has been used as a slip cover for the back seat – where we are hoping to keep Kodi during the next two days of travel.

Kodi is not fond of driving at night, it may the the headlights on the road, I don’t know. But this morning he seems calmer. He wants to be up front on my lap but that’s not happening, at least not this early in the day. At 32 pounds he is not a lap dog.

We made it as far as Sulpher, LA. and everyone is tired.

I take Kodi for a nice walk around  the hotel while my husband gets carry out from Novrosky’s.

The lady who checked us in at the front desk recommended their overstuffed baked potatoes. While Kodi eats his dinner we dine in room eating the two largest and most delicious gourmet potatoes I have ever seen.

More hotels have become pet friendly, La Quinta doesn’t even charge an extra fee, but even if I do have to pay $20 a night it’s worth it to have him with us. More about hotels and how to be a welcome guest in my next post.

PHOTO: Kodi stretches out in front of the TV after a long day on the road.


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