Ouchies and burns

Sandspur 1As we were walking our dog Murphy, a 96-lb golden retriever, he began to limp. We hadn’t lived in Florida very long and didn’t know about the dreaded sand spurs. Sand spurs are very small and very spiny plant “flowers?” that start out green and soft but when they dry they are very painful.

Not knowing what we were looking for we stopped and rubbed his leg, no relief, then checked his paw and in between the pads was the reason he had begun to limp. I removed it and the spines stuck into my fingers.

I have since learned there is an easy way to remove these without additional pain to either party. Simply lick your finger tips. The moisture softens the spines and extraction is complete, simple and painless.

A few tips about these weeds if you find them in your yard, and this applies to any other similar weed in other parts of the country — use a bag when you mow. This way you are not spreading them or shooting them across the yard.

Another summer danger is hot pavement, white sidewalks or asphalt roads, when the heat beats down on the pavement it is hot.

Recently I took Kodi the Corgi out for a quick bathroom break. I didn’t put on my shoes and in a matter of seconds I was very, very sorry I didn’t.

A good rule of thumb is to test the pavement before taking your pooch for a walk. Either walk out barefoot or simply place the back of your hand on the pavement. If it is uncomfortable for your hand or foot wait until the sun goes down to take your walk.

Don’t depend on your dog to tell you if it’s too hot. Generally they are so thrilled to be having some one on one time with you they will endure pain just to walk with you.


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