Cool Pups

Who doesn’t like a cool popsicle on a hot day?

A great, and easy treat to make for your dog and the kids can help out on this one.

What you will need: paper cupcake liners, fruit, veggies, dog treats, water and a freezer — oh and a dog!

1. Place paper liner in muffin tin and add pieces of fruit, vegies or even dog treats. Things that are healthy for your dog  to eat. If you are unsure about what not to feed them please take a moment to research it online.

2. Add water.

3. Place in freezer.

4. If  the paper is frozen to the tin turn it upside down under some tepid water. Add water back into the tin and place paper covered ice pop back in the water for 2-3 seconds. This will make the paper liner easy to remove.

5. Call your dog and take him outside to enjoy his treat.

******As with all toys and treats, please sit with him and watch him enjoy it and make sure he is safe.*******


Kodi checks out his fresh blueberry ice pop on a hot Florida day.  Next I am going to mush up some of the berries so they are not all at the bottom, not that he minded.

Ice pops 3

Ideas for fillers:

Uncooked green beans, sweet potato, bananas, strawberries, fruit juice with no added sugar (I would add just a bit to the water), dog treats



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