Flea free

The one question guaranteed to start you scratching has got to be, “Is that a flea?”

Hoping against hope the small black dot you see on your pet is just a speck of dirt quickly fades as the “dirt” jumps.

Seeing one flea can start you scratching. Heck, writing this has me feeling things that aren’t there.

I have found a few ways that work for me in displacing these unwanted house guests.

First let’s meet our flea, In other words, “Know thy enemy.”

Fleas require certain conditions to survive beginning with their food supply which is blood. Yours or your pet’s the flea doesn’t care. So the first thing to do is treat your animals,

Bathe them with a high quality flea soap and dry them briskly with a towel and with the hair dryer if they will let you. Immediately take the towels and any bathmats and put them in the washing machine.

Now apply your flea preventative of choice. If the infestation is bad enough ask your veterinarian for a capstar pill. One should do it. This pill is given prior to the bath and will kill all of the adult fleas. You will see them wash down the drain. This is not a replacement for the preventative.

Now the house. I am not a big fan of poisons and repeated bombings. This is not healthy for you or your pet and simply trying to poison them isn’t going to do the job.

For a long and “reproductive” life fleas needs warm temperatures and humidity. Let’s get rid of both.

Tackle the problem one room at a time, beginning with the bedrooms. Strip your bedding and put it in the washing machine. I use hot  water, laundry soap and 20 Mule Team Borax. Maybe cold water and just laundry soap would work but this makes me feel better.

Remove your mattress and rub borax on the top of the box spring. Just a thin layer. Reposition the mattress.

Vacuum like you have never vacuumed before. Several times back and forth. I like to sprinkle borax on the carpet. Just be sure to vacuum all of the powder up. We do not want Fluffy and Fido licking it up.

Next, buy, borrow, rent, whatever, a dehumidifier. Fleas love humidity and hate dry air. Turn it on, leave as many lights in the room on as you can and close the door as you continue onto the next room.

EMPTY the vacuum bag or canister. I put my trash can in my garage to do this. If the bag is full replace. This is not the time to save money and conserve on bags. When you have completed your cleaning of the whole house take the garbage outside to your street trash can. We are not letting even one flea back into the house.

I am not going to kid you. This is an intense process that needs to be done thoroughly.

Your house is going to have the cleanest carpet in the neighborhood for the next few weeks. Why? Because you are going to vacuum it thoroughly every single day for at least two weeks. Running that dehumidifier each day will also help.

That’s my system and it has worked for me. It is the most natural method I have found. If you decide to use poisons you are still going to need to vacuum thoroughly,


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