Thundershirts — the calm during the storm

Outside in a storm Kodi does a quick model of his stylish Thundershirt.
Outside in a storm Kodi does a quick model of his stylish Thundershirt.

Years ago I was asked to test a Thundershirt. It’s slogan was “Takes the “pet” out of petrified.”

Well my pup, Kodi a Pembroke Welsh Corgi is definitely petrified of storms, and fireworks and if the space shuttle was still in service I suspect the sonic booms.

I was more than skeptical. Come on a shirt that is going to calm a dog during a thunderstorm – a gimmick I was sure. But what did I have to lose?

Let me give you some examples of how Kodi would react to storms. If we were home he would be under the bed, in the middle under the bed, before the first crack of thunder was complete. And there he would stay. Nothing could coax him out. Comforting words, an outstretched hand, even treats wouldn’t budge him.

Traveling south in I-95 in Georgia black clouds filled the sky. The clouds even had my attention as I scoured the horizon for possible funnel clouds. Kodi who was belted into his seat began straining and fighting the restraint. Afraid he might hurt himself I released the seat belt and he promptly wedged his 30 pound body between a cooler on the floor and the back of the drivers seat.

Trying to comfort him with gentle strokes from my spot in the passenger seat I could feel my poor pup’s fear. A few miles later we were ahead of the storm and stopped at the first rest stop in Florida. It was night and quiet and it had been quite a while since he had stretched his legs so I coaxed him out. The last paw just touched the pavement when there was a mild rumble of thunder and Kodi was back in his wedged spot on the floor of the car.

Two hours later we pulled into our driveway. No storms, no thunder and it took everything I had to get that terrified dog out of the car and into the house. That’s how frightened Kodi is of thunder.

So when the offer came to try the charcoal grey shirt I agreed. Of course as these things usually go we didn’t have a storm for weeks but one afternoon the skies clouded over and Kodi was headed for his cave under the bed. It took both of us that first time but we got the shirt on.

The design is easy with velcro attaching the collar around the neck and under the rib cage. The reason is took both of us the first time is because we had a moving target.

I was a believer after the first time. Out of habit he went under the bed but didn’t stay there long.

Today a late afternoon thunderstorm came up. He knows what his Thundershirt is and it no longer takes two of us to “dress” him. He wants it on. It offers comfort and security. When he has his shirt on he stays with us instead of cowering under the bed, still not thrilled with the noise but obviously feeling safe. He has even been known to go out and do a quick business if the need arises during a storm.

The Fourth of July is in four days and the Thundershirt is going to be part of Kodi’s Independence Day outfit.

The company website,, states more than 80 percent of dogs respond favorably to wearing the Thundershirt.

In this house we are happy to be part of the plus 80 percent.


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