A little about me

After nearly 20 years of writing  print and online columns for newspapers and magazines I find myself looking for a new venue to share experiences, interview professionals and even try out and review pet products.

I don’t have all of the answers. I have a lot of experience and many wonderful professional contacts of people who do have the answers. They will be featured in upcoming posts.

I have moved on from my journalism beginnings to working at a  humane society in Florida as the Volunteer Manager.  This new venture provides me additional insight into the world of pets, especially those looking for good folks to adopt them.

Anyone with a pet issue, whether it be behavioral, medical (I will get answers but you will need your own vet), or even a funny story, to contact me and visit often.

So here we go….


One comment

  1. Yes, each and every dog, cat, bird and other critters who have shared my life have a story. Both of my present best friends are shelter rescues and if they could only speak human, they would tell even more about who they are and why. I do know that whatever their past, they are now what keeps my life happy and active. Pets are good medicine!!!
    Looking forward to hearing more stories, tips and pet event information from Jacque. Wags & Sniffs, Gran & the P. Pack


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